The Penfolds Team – Meet Helen

The age-old saying that people buy from people is never truer than in property. At Penfolds, we know we are good estate agents, but what makes us tick and what got us here today forms who we are and how we successfully sell your property. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d take an opportunity to introduce you to our Penfolds Team. In this month’s article, we’re sharing Helen’s superpower, her desert island discs and the #1 piece of advice she gives sellers! Read on to discover more about Helen, one half of the Penfolds team.

Introducing Helen:

Helen stepped away from her childhood dreams of owning a sweet shop and began her real estate career at Hamptons International. She spent almost a decade there, and her career within the company culminated as manager of the prestigious Shad Thames office. After this, Helen was headhunted to set up a brand new office for JLL in Nine Elms’ major London regeneration zone. Here, she developed a firm understanding of the new homes market. This has proved particularly valuable as we have taken on the marketing of Songhurst Meadow, Wisborough Green, Runnymede’s first development in West Sussex, for many years.

An interview with Helen:

What’s the best thing about working in a family business?

Family, of course! I get to spend my days with my mum and best pal!

What is your property career highlight, and why?

Being brave enough to start our own business from a cold start during the uncertainty of Brexit and seeing that business grow.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for sellers?

When choosing your agent, go with the person you like most as the relationship is so important!

If you were offered the opportunity to sell any house, which would it be?

Ina Garten’s house, she’s a favourite chef of mine, based in the U.S. She lives in my dream house in East Hampton, NY!

What’s your superpower?

Being a mum to two little ones, I would say that has to be the ability to function without sleep!

What’s your favourite quote?

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Andre Gide

And your favourite books?

I’m afraid I’m a sucker for a trashy novel. But I also love reading cookery books, which my husband says is very interesting, as, according to him, I have a full bookcase but very rarely cook anything from them.

Share your top three Desert Island Discs?

What do you love most about beautiful West Sussex? 

Moving out of London has helped us appreciate the countryside, but also we’re delighted by the sense of community that you don’t get in London.

When you’re not selling property, how do you spend your time?

With my little family, my husband (who I met during my time at Hamptons) and two babies. Two children (in two years) keep me pretty busy! We absolutely love to travel, which we haven’t done much of recently. But we equally love being at home together. We moved to Wisborough Green last September and are really enjoying doing up our house.

Finally, what are you most grateful for in your life?

My family! I live within walking distance from my mum, granny and sister. My brother is just five minutes down the road. I feel very fortunate that they are all close by.

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